Please give me examples of how many rounds it takes to actually stop a person so I can prove to this fucktard that one hit will not immediately stop someone.

Shot placement matters. So does ammo type and caliber. I’ve seen 5.56 ball drop a guy like a bag of bricks with one shot. I’ve also seen it take 8-9  to put some really motivated motherfuckers down for the count. It really does vary.

Caliber matters and so does ammo type. Keep in mind that the ammo we were using was full metal jacket that doesn’t expand like hollow point ammo. 

So, cat experts, I need advice. 

When my cat is scared or feels threatened, rather than running away, he holds his fucking ground and attacks. While I admire his courage, I do not appreciate it when it is redirected at Alexx or myself. After play fighting with the other cat (he plays way rough too), he hissed at Alexx and then jumped at her face, scratching her. 

She did nothing to provoke the attack other than standing near him afterwards. He isn’t weary of humans and often times very affectionate. He isn’t skiddish or spooked. His behavior doesn’t feel anti-social. It feels more like him trying to be an alpha. 

Declawing is out of the question. We aren’t taking him back to the shelter because they will kill him. How do we make sure he knows his place? He won’t understand yelling and violence will never be an option. It is frustrating because he is so sweet sometimes, but plays way too rough with the other kitty that it is hard on her. He was neutered about 7 weeks ago and he is about a year old. 

Obviously he doesn’t know any better. 


I’m a democrat and you scare me. 

So, I think there is a flaw in the vehicle related deaths when compared to the gun related deaths. Yes, vehicle deaths exceed firearm related deaths. But this brings about two issues. 1) Guns were designed to kill and cars were not. 2) Cars get used daily far more often than guns and therefore the likelihood of an accident increases.

In contrast to the argument above, a person with sound judgement can operate a car and a firearm totally safe causing zero deaths. A car parked in a driveway and gun in it’s storage container can’t and won’t kill anyone. 

So. What is the lowest common denominator? People. 

People will always be the problem. You can’t control behavior. We have 10,000 years of a history of violence. You think a few laws are going to change anything? No. There will never be a peaceful utopia because there will always be violent sociopathic people amongst us. The sooner we accept that, the sooner we can move on with living. 


Followers. Guide me towards good music. 

Pretty bored with this place right now. I’m out for the day.